Slides in your Attic?

Reflcta is now making a slide duplicator to enable you to digitize those slides sitting in your attic.

Kenro, the UK and Ireland distributor for Reflecta, the German
manufacturer of cutting-edge digitization products, has announced the launch of a
fast and inexpensive way to breathe new life into old slides.

Their new Digital Slide Duplicator boasts HD capabilities with a high-quality
achromatic close-up lens, meaning old slides that may be gathering dust in the attic
can now be seen in super-pristine quality.

With the HD Digital Slide Duplicator, it is easy to photograph your slides with a
Video, DSLR or SLR camera. Simply fit the duplicator with the appropriate stepping
ring onto the camera lens. By using the slide holder provided you can adjust the
slide in front of the lens, set the correct exposure and then capture the image on
your camera.

Digitizing once-forgotten slides using the HD Digital Slide Duplicator opens up a
wide range of possibilities for your images. Once digitized, they are easy to print,
email, upload to social media or burn to a disc to ensure their safe storage.

The scanner comes supplied with an achromatic close up lens, stepping rings for
37/52/55/58/62 mm lenses, slide tray and a user guide..

“The HD Digital Slide Scanner from Reflector is an ideal choice for those looking to
use old slides in a quick, easy and safe way,” says Kenro Managing Director, Paul
Kench. “Slides can have huge sentimental value to their owners but can often be
ignored or forgotten about. The latest offering from Reflecta gives people the
chance to bring these images into the 21st century for all to enjoy.”

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