The First Medium Format CMOS Camera

Phase One did it! They introduced the first medium format digital camera with a CMOS sensor.

The new Phase One IQ250 digital back has amazing ISO sensitivity, ranging from 100 to 6400. With a 14 f-stop dynamic range, continuous captures and fluid Live View, it is designed to meet the most demanding photographic challenges!

One of the main architects behind the IQ250, Søren Ilsøe introduces this new digital back’s key features, capabilities, innovation and, perhaps most importantly, its benefits to photographers of all genres.

Phase-One-645DF+_IQ250_55mm_back_610x489Amazing ISO sensitivity
Get high quality images shooting at ISO 100, 6400 or anywhere in between. With this digital back you can capture unique images in available light anytime.

Fluid and responsive Live View
With the fluid and responsive high quality Live View of the IQ250 you will have great composition and focus assistance whether you are using Live View directly on the digital back, connected via USB3 to Capture One, or wirelessly to Capture Pilot.

50 megapixels captures
Capture images of 50 megapixel resolution and of outstanding quality.

14 f-stops dynamic range
Capture the most demanding scenes in one shot and retain details in highlights and shadows with the IQ250 thanks to its abundant 14 f-stop dynamic range.

Long exposures up to an hour
The IQ250 digital back gives you a phenomenal exposure time range, as fast as 1/10000s and as long as one hour (the actual exposure time range is limited by the camera attached).

Watch the video.