Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 and We Are JUXT

Windows Phone announced a partnership with We Are JUXT, a community of expert mobile photographers. Windows Phone challenged more than 10 of the most influential members of this community to shoot exclusively with the Nokia Lumia 920 for an eight-day period and share some tips on how to take the best pictures. You can check out their Windows Phone photo gallery on Flickr, many of which were captured with their unique photography apps and lenses.

You can view their images at

Come back next month to read our review of the Nokia Lumia 928. It is touted as being the most advanced low-light smartphone camera. The addition of Optical Image Stabilization and a Xenon flash should give this smartphone the edge on other smartphone cameras. With an 8.7 mp sensor and wireless charging, this phone looks very interesting. Check back in a month for our review.