World’s Smallest Full Page Color Scanner

PlanOn System Solutions Inc. www.planon.comthe world leader in scanning and printing solutions for the mobile professional, announced today the ScanStik SK600V, the world’s smallest full page color scanner, now with VoiceNotes and Bluetooth connectivity to send scans with voice recordings to Bluetooth phones and tablets or computers with the included USB cable.  Pen-sized, fast and easy to use, ScanStik SK600V is the most compact full page color scanner available on the market.  Perfect for scanning on the go, at work, home, or school, ScanStik SK600V is unlike other pen-sized scanners that only scan a line at a time, scanning the whole page at once just like a flat-bed scanner, but without the bulk.  For even more convenience, ScanStik SK600V also features a MicroSD memory slot that holds 1000s of image scans with up to 600 dpi resolution in color or black and white.

PlanOn’s newest innovation takes efficiency to a whole new level.  In addition to including a rechargeable battery, MicroSD card slot, USB connector, and 600 dpi scanning system, the ScanStik SK600V now includes amicrophone, speaker, and Bluetooth connectivity — all in a small elegant package.  Use the Bluetooth connection to transfer scans in seconds to most smartphones and tablets or to a computer via USB and organize your scans with the included Abbyy Finereader SE professional level OCR software and PaperPort SE software image editing and organizing tool.  The new VoiceNotes feature allows you to record a reminder, comment, or instruction to send with the scan to a computer, phone or tablet — an efficient and more personal way to send your message, especially when texting alone can be confusing.


ScanStik SK600V helps you become more organized and efficient.  Key uses include:

 At Work:  quickly scan a signed document at your desk and save or email it, rather than searching for a scanner somewhere in your office.

  • For Mobile Professionals:  scan in your hotel room, rather than looking for the business center.
  • For Salespeople:  scan needed IDs and other documents right at a client’s home, saving time and providing important backup for real estate, banking and insurance sales professionals.
  • On Vacation:  capture 600dpi clear images on vacation, for menus, wine bottle label, receipts, or paperwork.
  • Home Office:  make digital copies of receipts, tax records, and filings.  Scan checks as you are ready to mail them, since most banks no longer return paper checks with statements.
  • VoiceNotes:  add VoiceNotes to highlights important points, for your own reference, or for reminders.
  • For students:  scan pages from a book without borrowing it and collaborate with students on projects.  Scan notes from missed days.