Dealing with Too Much Light

One of the problems that many portrait photographers encounter today is too much light. In the “film” days, many excellent emulsions were available with low ISO ratings and many prime lenses for 35 mm cameras had large apertures, enabling photographers to capture portraits with out of focus backgrounds. Today, many digital cameras have base ISOs of 100 or even 200 and zoom lenses with apertures that only start at f/2.8, making sharp images easy, but making portraits with soft backgrounds a tad difficult.

A wonderfully useful tool every photographer should have in his/her bag is a neutral density (ND) filter. An ND filter cuts the light and helps photographers create portraits that stand out. ND filters come in different strengths, but to avoid having to purchase and carry around a bag full of filters, a variable neutral density filter is preferable.

Marumi  just announced a new line of Variable Neutral Density Filters which feature adjustable ND2-ND400 light control.

Available in nine difference sizes ranging from 49 mm to 82 mm, dream-like results are achievable by using just a single filter, minimizing the need to carry several different kinds in order to create the desired effect.

Utilizing Japanese original light-reducing material, these filters consist of an ultra-thin screw thread  design complimented by a strong aluminium frame and are ideally suited to portrait, landscape, nature and coastal photography.

Using this filter, portrait photographers can look forward to striking backgrounds whereas nature, landscape and coastal photographers can use slower shutter speeds under heavy sunlight without altering the color tone of the photography, making silky water effects and stunning long-exposures easier to execute than ever before.

Other products in Marumi’s range of photographic accessories include filters, lens hoods and converters.