About Us

Camera-college.com was founded in 2008 to share relevant information about photography with users. The web is a big place and we try and our job is to sift through what is out there to bring what we consider, the most relevant timely information on new equipment, software, techniques, exhibitions and photographic news. You won’t find reviews of darkroom gear or film (what’s that?). You will find edited press releases from top manufacturers from around the world and especially mirrorless cameras.

Stephen Epstein, the managing editor of camera-college.com has had a distinguished career in photography, having been a professional photographer in Canada for 30 years and has worked with Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Mamiya Leaf and Phase One Industrial on many projects. Based in Israel, Stephen writes on photographic topics with the understanding and perspective of both a user and a provider of photo-related equipment and software.