Click, Send, Mail

Although more pictures are being taken in this digital age than ever before, the photo print is disappearing. I have thousands of images on my computers, hard drives and backed up to the cloud, but do not make prints often enough. They say that we know more about civilizations that recorded their texts on clay tablets than those that used papyrus, because the tablets stood the test of time, while papyrus. Last year I attempted to copy my archive of images onto hard drives from CDs and DVDs. As I shoved each CD into my computer, I prayed that the CD would mount and that the images would be intact. Unfortunately, this was not always the case.

A new app/service is available (for iPhone only), which enables users to take pictures on their phones, upload them to the Flicpost server and have them printed in various labs around the world and mailed to your friends or family.

This app seems to be at their early stages and have not yet come out with versions for Android or Windows phones (Android version is in preparation) and is limited to 12 photos in a single order. The idea is lovely and if they come out with versions for the phones I own, I will be happy to give them a try.