Extending the Possibilities with a Popscope

popscopeIf you have been to tourist spots lately, you have probably seen the latest trend in selfies.

Pop Scope, a completely unique and innovative “selfie”-taking experience, is an innovative device that attaches to smartphones and helps to extend your reach to take photos you never thought possible.
This is the newest way to shoot amazing “selfies” and pictures for all of your social media profiles.

The unique and versatile design fits almost every phone on the market, regardless if it has a case or not, and makes sure that you get a strong, secure grip on your device, even when it’s extended.
We would love to provide you with samples and/or high-res images, in order to get you acclimated with Pop Scope.

Giving you just the right amount of reach to get that great shot over a crowd or with a background, the device reaches out 21 inches and collapses down to 6.5 inches – with a swivel head allowing for a 90 degree bend. Developed to be lightweight, & durable, you can use the PopScope to take pictures while you are with your friends in restaurants, at parties, and even on vacation!