Eyeist Uses Cloud-Based Technology for Real-Time Consultations

New Portfolio Review Process Giving Photographers Access To Influential Experts From Anywhere In The World

Eyeist (http://www.eyeist.com), a Los Angeles-based creative consortium, has developed the world’s first Web-based photography review service that facilitates the delivery of expert feedback and career guidance from leading photo industry professionals to photographers at all levels, and in all locales globally. Until now, trade shows, conventions, industry workshops and seminars were primary venues where photographers interested in having their work critiqued could gain access to qualified creative professionals. Available worldwide, Eyeist eliminates all travel costs and makes the process of portfolio reviews cost-effective and available 365 days a year.

The brainchild of three photo industry specialists — Allegra Wilde, a photo industry consultant; Micah and Jesse Diamond, two veteran professional photographers, along with their Lead Developer, Doug Dawirs — Eyeist.com provides direct access to more than 50 world class experts including photographers, art buyers, picture editors, museum curators, and more.

The Eyeist interface was built from the ground up to allow live collaborations between photographers and reviewers utilizing only a Web browser. No additional software needs to be downloaded, installed, or configured on computer systems to access the service.

“It was very important for us to replicate the satisfaction of the in-person photography review when we developed our service,” says Co-Founder and COO Allegra Wilde. “We are accessible, affordable and convenient, and our doors are always open to any visual artist regardless of experience or skill level.

“The interface is clean, simple and easy to use but the most crucial component of all,” continues Wilde, “is the Reviewers at Eyeist have been hand-picked for their level of experience and accomplishment within the photography world, and their ability to give our clients a thoughtful and constructive critique.”

Registration and image uploading is free at Eyeist. Photographers can purchase a review package from an a la carte menu of services, which include:

Basic Review — A recorded oral critique of your work that is sent by the reviewer directly to the photographer.

Website Review — A live review in real-time using Eyeist’s innovative interactive workspace.

Photo Editing and Sequencing Review — Reviewer looks at specific projects and works with photographer to edit down the collection and help sequence the final images to provide the strongest presentation of the work.

Base prices for Eyeist reviews range from $100.00 to $350.00. Photographers have the ability to select a specific Eyeist Reviewer or ask to be automatically matched with a reviewer based on their needs or nature of the image collection up for review. Average turnaround time for a review is less than 72 hours.

While all reviews conducted through Eyeist are completely private, a special “Reviewer’s Choice Gallery” highlights images Reviewers deem to be exceptional and are posted for public viewing, with the consent of the photographer. “We’ve seen plenty of public forums that comment on photography, but this is the first time that experts have been given their own platform to share their opinion on what they’re seeing—and liking—all in one place,” says Wilde.