Finally, a Great Outlook Sync Application

I live on Outlook. It is the one program that ALWAYS stays open on my computer. It is where I start my day in the morning and the last thing that I do when I end my day. Besides using it for email, I use the calendar to organize everything in my life from scheduled conference calls, assignments, meetings and attending my kid’s school events. I am lost without it. I used to use a Daytimer/Filofax and once almost lost it. The idea of losing all past and future events was frightening. I eventually switched to a Palm Pilot/Handspring and loved it. Today, the smartphone is the natural extension of those products and is the best of all worlds.

The biggest problem I face is the inability to synchronize my phone with my Outlook. Google does everything possible to encourage you to use their services — I prefer to use my own systems and stick with Outlook. I have tried all kinds of solutions and felt like I was dealing with a patchwork of systems cobbled together to give me a semblance of order. They just didn’t work for me.

Having worked for a number of corporations, I tasted the freedom that came with the Microsoft Exchange server. You make a change on your phone, your Outlook is updated automatically. Back in the office and I am adding appointments to my calendar and like magic, they appear on my phone. How clean, how simple. But as a freelancer, I did not want to subscribe to a cloud service, I wanted my own exchange server, but without the overhead and the cost. I found the solution.

Before I decided which system to go with, I looked at the leading choices for sync software and narrowed down the choices to two. I did the quick automated install on one, but when I saw the warning that the sync with the native calendar is not recommended, I realized that my choice was not a good one.

I went back to my short list and turned to my second choice, AkrutoSync. Their website made it sound like this was the solution, a claim that everyone makes. They say, “Sync Outlook without the Cloud on iPhone, Android, & Windows Phone
The only seamless and automatic way to synchronize your Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes across all devices.” Could they live up to their promises? I was about to find out. They offered a seven-day free trial, so I went for it.

I downloaded the software and tried to do the install and failed. I am pretty computer savy, but when it came to setting up port forwards on my router, I got lost. I turned to their Facebook page and within an hour, their support got me up and running.

AkrutoSync, a Boston-based company, was started in 2010 by an avid Outlook user. He understands Outlook and tried to build a sync solution that did not have the issues of other sync software.

Does it really work? YES! I make a change on my phone and the changes are immediately pushed to my Outlook. I added an appointment on my desktop and see it on my phone. Contacts? No problem. It’s been working seamlessly and I am thrilled. It’s like a have my own personal exchange server on my phone. No WiFi syncing. No hooking up my phone with a USB cable. Fast and foolproof, I’m not even waiting for the end of the trial to make my purchase.

AkrutoSync is a powerful solution for anyone who wants to sync their Outlook with their iPhone or Android phone without using the cloud. With cyber security on many peoples’ minds, keeping your personal information personal is a no brainer.

You can download the free trial at but if you run into problems, I highly recommend you buy the professional install. They worked quickly and efficiently and got me up and running in no time.