iX Capture: Capture, Control and Convert

4-cameras-ix-capturePhase One just released a new version of their free iX Capture software. iX Capture is designed to be used exclusively with medium format, Phase One aerial cameras (iXA, iXA-R, iXU). After being installed on the iX Controller or computer, it is used to control the various functions of the camera, capture images and convert the RAW files into TIFs or JPGs. Up to four cameras can be controlled at the same time. iX Capture enables pilots or operators to monitor their mission and know that they are capturing cloud free, properly exposed images.

iX Capture was designed with an intuitive interface that displays key information such as exposure settings and history, histogram, GPS data and frame count. The image display can be paused at any time to enable operators to inspect images by zooming to 100 percent or to set white balance. iX Capture enables operators to track each capture and utilize real-time feedback to be confident that each image has been captured correctly.

iX Capture 1.2 has these new features:

  • Selective image capture. With multiple communication protocols and full HDMI output on a Phase One iXU camera, an operator can now view video and capture still images while staying in video mode. This enables operators to view important information without generating large amounts of image data, which require processing and storage.
  • Auto lens correction has been added for the new Phase One 80 MP iXA-R series of camera systems that are equipped with Rodenstock lenses.
  • Multiple camera arrays can now be triggered either from a Flight Management System or from iX Capture with programmable time intervals. iX Capture supports up to four synced Phase One aerial cameras connected to the new iX Controller.
  • Enhanced GPS support for the leading GNSS/IMU positioning systems.

Read more at http://industrial.phaseone.com.

The Phase One iX Capture application was created for use exclusively with Phase One aerial cameras for the Windows 8.1 operating system. It is a free application available immediately from http://industrial.phaseone.com/downloads.

Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S, and is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of specialized industrial camera systems and software. Phase One Industrial camera systems are built specifically for applications such as aerial photography, homeland security and inspection. The company provides advanced hardware and imaging software solutions that meet the unique requirements of its customers worldwide.