Winning House of Cards

I just received a new House of Cards memory card wallet from MindShift Gear and was somewhat surprised at how small and compact it actually is. I stuffed it with a bunch of CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) cards as well as a handful of business cards and it measured less than five inches across by 3/4 inch thick and weighs practically nothing. The bright blue and orange colors make it easy to spot when fumbling in a camera bag.










The lightweight memory card wallet is made of synthetic fabric and is designed to fold into itself, thus protecting the cards with multiple layers of fabric. A thick elastic is used to secure the wallet so that cards don’t slip out. The rigid outer CF cards add protection to the inner cards and the most sensitive cards, the small plastic SDs, are the most protected as they are in the innermost pockets.

The House of Cards wallet has a tether, which is about 7.5 inches long and has a plastic clip on the end. The clip can be used secure the wallet to a belt, bag, or clothing. This does not look like it was designed to hang from a belt, more as a protection in case it falls from a pocket. I especially like this feature, because when I shoot in the field with a vest, I always take extra cards and they can fall out of an open pocket. This system enables me to secure the wallet to my vest, which has a “D” ring sewn on to it.

House_of_Cards-3 House_of_Cards-13













Each card fits snugly inside a pocket, which is built with a stitched bright orange ribbon at the top of each clear pocket. The wallet can hold six CF cards and three SD cards. When I shoot with either my Nikons or medium format Phase One / Mamiya Leaf cameras, the CF space will give me plenty of storage room. When I shoot with my Fuji mirrorless camera, three pockets is sufficient as the file sizes are considerably smaller.

I tried putting an SD card into the small plastic box that my SDs come in and inserted it into one of the larger CF pockets and it fit nicely, so this wallet will be fine for pretty much any user, even for someone making an around-the-world trip.

When I shoot, I always put a memory card that is full backwards in the wallet. That way, I am less likely to grab a card that has been used already. With clear pockets, as are found in this wallet, I can quickly scan the cards that are available to me and choose the card with the size and speed that I need.









Besides the memory cards, I always try and carry a bunch of business cards with me, whether I am on an assignment or shooting just for pleasure.  When I start searching my bag for my cards, I invariably realize that I ran out or forgot them in a different camera bag. By including them in the memory card wallet, I can be assured that I will always have business cards, because I ALWAYS make sure that I have enough formatted cards before a shoot.

My photo business card has a space on the back that enables me to write the name of a directory on my website. This way, I can hand a card to a client and tell them that in a few hours, they can view their web gallery on my website and they have the exact URL with my contact information. I have found this to be a great way of giving the client fast and personalized service.

My card reads:

Photos from this event can be viewed at:










I have to admit that I am very fussy about quality. I would rather go without an accessory than a poorly built one. I was very impressed with the build quality of this product. The wallet I received was stitched flawlessly and the materials used to make the wallets seemed to be of high quality. This is definitely not the type of product that is flogged on eBay for a few bucks, which comes with a “free international shipping” and falls apart after a few uses.

The House of Cards memory card wallet is a quality product that sells for under $20.00 at camera stores around the world and from the MindShift Gear website. Their website actually has a store locator for people who prefer to buy it from a bricks and mortar store.









In my opinion, the House of Cards memory card wallet is a well designed, well built product that will be a useful accessory for anyone carrying multiple memory cards. It feels like it was designed by photographers for photographers. To me, that makes it a “winning” House of Cards memory card wallet.