How do you spell SINAR?

If anyone has used a Sinar camera, they know the amazing quality of the equipment. Although their market is much smaller, given the flight from large format to medium format and DSLRs, they still produce quality equipment for a few markets.

Sinar has just published a cute way of remembering their specialty markets.

65 years ago the Koch family has founded their company to be called Sinar. A wise choice, a timeless name making sense. Countless photographers from all over the world are using Sinar professional photographic equipment. We think it’s time to have a look at each letter. We spell it by applications:
S – Studio

The Sinar p3-df (digital focus) view camera – now with 30% improved focusing accuracy – produces an image quality of highest level and provides professional performance without compromise. The essential tool for numerous applications in the digital era. Take full advantage of the resolving power of today’s high-resolution lenses and high-end digital backs. Have your existing Sinar p2 or p3 view camera updated with the df feature (digital focus), your Sinar reseller will be happy to assist with further details.
I – Industry

In combination with the Sinar p3-df or with any other Sinar camera, not only industry photography gets unsurpassed color accuracy and color resolution. Sinar One- and Multishot backs stand for highest digital image quality. Choose your favorite Sinarback depending on your needs, from 33 up to 192 Megapixels. Profit from our attractive trade-in offers.
sinarN – Nature

If you go outdoors to capture nature, the Sinar lanTec is the professional mobile camera solution for landscape shooting. With it’s ergonomically shaped handles that offer well balanced handling the lanTec enables the photographer to create images of the highest quality, even in handheld operation, and this gives the lanTec a broad field of applications.
A – Architecture

Tailored accurately to the particular requirements of professional architectural photography, the Sinar arTec camera comes with an integrated slider that can be moved from the focusing mode to the exposure mode without the digital back having to be removed.
R – Reprography

Based on the legendary precision of Sinar view cameras for analog and digital studio photography, the Sinar rePro is specifically designed to meet the requirements of reproduction photography. The Sinar rePro fits seamlessly in the universal Sinar System and it provides an easy workflow with maximum accuracy.